2014 EcoBoomer iGO

Self-Balancing Electric Unicycle

Imagine how cool you will look cruising around town on your new self-balancing electric unicycle. The EcoBoomer iGO is the first sit-down electric unicycle of its kind. With a range of 19 miles and a top speed of 13 mph, you can use the EcoBoomer iGO for commuting, running errands, and sightseeing or just for the sheer, exhilarating, mind-blowing fun of riding an electric unicycle.


Have Fun While Going Green

The newest entrant in the EcoBoomer lineup of electric human transporters, the EcoBoomer iGO is astonishingly eco-friendly with zero emissions and an equivalent mpg rating of over 400. This unbelievable new sit-down personal transporter uses no motor and no gas, and its long-life lithium ion battery can be charged in as little as a few hours with the included 120/240 VAC international charger, so the adventure can start right away.

Who knew that saving the environment could be so much fun? The average car spews out over 11,000 pounds of pollutants every year. Riding the EcoBoomer iGO to run errands or commute to work means you can feel good about replacing part of that smoggy mess by using a clean-running, quiet and convenient electric unicycle. Did we mention what a pleasure it is to ride an EcoBoomer iGO?


Versatile, Useful and Quiet

This delightful little self-balancing electric unicycle has a 250 pound maximum load so it can carry you and your briefcase, purse or small packages with ease while you sit down in comfort. The 800 watt maximum output motor allows the EcoBoomer iGO to climb steep inclines, and it moves easily over most surfaces, whether inside or outside. The EcoBoomer iGO’s electric motor is totally silent, so it’s quiet enough to use on city streets or in peaceful suburban neighborhoods.

The iGO’s self-balancing ability makes it safe to use for riders of all ages and abilities. The sit down design means that the EcoBoomer iGO works all ages from teens to adults. While comfortably seated, you can rest your feet on the collapsible pedals and cruise around in comfort and style. Its simple maneuverability makes it easy for even novices to control. The EcoBoomer iGO is perfect for anyone who wants to have fun while going places and doing things.

Perfect for use on crowded city streets, the EcoBoomer lets you reach your destination without the stress and hassle of stop and go traffic. The EcoBoomer iGO’s small profile can fit through narrow openings and this personal transporter is even agile enough to use in pedestrian areas.


Small, Lightweight and Easy To Store

The EcoBoomer iGO is small and lightweight enough so that as long as you have permission to take it on board, you can carry it onto public transportation like trains or buses. When you reach your stop you can finish your commute in high style as you break out the coolest and newest electric unicycle there has ever been. You may even find yourself getting off the bus a few stops early just for the sheer joy of riding your EcoBoomer iGO for a little longer.

The EcoBoomer iGO’s small size makes it easy to stow a couple of them in the trunk of your car so you can take it out for fun family outings at amusement parks, monuments, museums or wherever fun awaits.

At the mall, don’t worry about it when you have to park in the far reaches of a vast parking lot. You can just pop open your trunk, remove your EcoBoomer iGO and scoot to the mall entrance. You can even do your shopping without having to dismount. Instead of lugging your purchases around with you all day, or making the long trek back to your car to stow them, just glide out to your car, drop off your packages, and glide back to finish your errands. What could be easier or more convenient—not to mention fun?


No Registration Required in Most States

The EcoBoomer iGO is legal to use in most cities and states and doesn’t require any license or registration to operate. There may be local ordinances that govern its use on public ways, so check your destination before you head off for a day of exciting adventures on your EcoBoomer iGO electric unicycle.


Motor 500W
Top Speed 13 mph
Max Range 19 miles
Battery Lithium Ion 48 V8 Ah
Charger Custom International Charger 2A charger 100 – 240 VAC
Charging Time 3 hours
Maximum Load 250 lbs
Height 24 in.
Width (Pedals folded) 12 in.
Width (Pedals unfolded) 16 in.
Packing Size 77 x 12 x 43 in.
Net Weight 57 lbs (battery included)
Color Black and White

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