EcoBoomer SOLO One Wheel Self Balancing Electric Motorcycle


The EcoBoomer SOLO one wheel self-balancing electric motorcycle with LED front and rear lights and sleek design is certainly a one-of-kind riding experience like nothing else. With a maximum distance of 22 miles per charge and speeds reaching up to 22mph, this electric motorcycle exceeds the mobility of the average e-bike or personal transporter. Get ready to experience the ride of your life with the new SOLO one wheel motorcycle. We offer FREE SHIPPING in the continental United States.


When you think motorbike you probably imagine a shiny chrome beast from the iconic Easy Rider film or the super fast Japanese super bikes that dominate the modern race circuit, but today the word motorbike offers us a taste of the future, of clean transportation and electric rideables that embrace the future of technology and economy.

Like something directly out of a Sci-Fi movie our One Wheel Self Balancing Electric Motorcycle known as the ‘SOLO Motorcycle’ is truly unique and takes electric rideables to a whole new level of hip. This transitional vehicle is equally at home in most places where pedestrians walk or cruising with its two wheel cousins in a cycle lane.

As a personal mobility device it hits the optimum performance for journeys that are two far to walk to easily but not quite enough to justify getting in a car or waiting for a bus. With a 17 inch wheel and vacuum tire the ride sits about 27 inches off the ground with a single motorbike sized wheel that is held upright by an advanced gyroscopic motor.

Controlled by smart Japanese smart chips the intelligent SOLO keeps an even balance between front and rear as the rider steadies the one wheeled motorbike with the simple balance of their body, just as they would on a regular bicycle.

By leaning forward you can accelerate the bike and to decelerate you simply lean backwards. This controls the propulsion of the bike while handle bars help you stay balanced as well as give the required poise for you to steer from left to right, which is done by genteelly leaning in either direction and twisting a little.

With a 500W motor and powerful 60V Samsung lithium battery this stylish one wheeled rideable can hit speeds of up to 22mph. Depending on the surface type and riding conditions it has a range of some 22 miles so you can easily get around town and even travel a respectable distance before the 500W battery needs recharging, which takes approximately 90 minutes so your never stuck in any one place for long.

With front and rear LED lights you can remain visible even if you’re out after sun down and with a maximum load of 290lbs the SOLO is suitable for almost all adults and even lets you take a reasonable sized backpack with you wherever you go.


  • Max Climbing Ability: 30°
  • Max Speed: 22mph
  • Japan Smart Chips with USA Gyroscope
  • Large 17in wheel is much more secure and stable because a smaller wheel, like most 10inch wheel products offer a low movement inertia and are easy to flip.
  • 17in KENDA Vacuum Tire
  • 500W High Power Motor
  • Speed Limit Protection: When you’re at max speed, the one wheel backend will rise up and slow down gradually to protect the rider.
  • Low Power Protection: Backend will rise up and machine will not operate
  • LED Battery Indicator


Color: Black/White or Yellow/White
Wheel Size: 17 inch
Climbing angles: 30°
Max Load: 290lbs
Weight: 70lbs
Max Speed: 22mph
Frame Material: Aluminum Alloy
Extended range: 22 miles
Power Supply: Lithium Battery
Battery capacity: 360wh
Wattage: 500w
Voltage of Battery: 60V
Size: 28in x 39in x 8in
Charging Time: 90 minutes

LED Lighting

Front LED headlights with an LED battery indicator


Lithium battery with a 90 minute charge time at 360w/h.  500 watt/60V

SOLO One Wheel Self-Balancing Electric Motorcycle


17in. non-puncture treaded wheel provides stability and self-balancing provide added safety.


Max speed of 22mph and climbing angles up to 30°


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